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Accent & Coffee Tables

The large variety of accent and coffee tables offered provide a wide range of options, so you can easily pick a piece that fits your size and design needs. Use these tables to fill up larger rooms, or make the most out of small areas that need more storage or elevated space.

Matching Sets
Pick a matching set of accent and coffee tables to complete a room. A cohesive set effortlessly creates a professional, fashionable look in any room. These tables can be bought individually for easy mixing and matching to get the exact look you need to finish furnishing your business.

Surface Space
These accent and coffee tables provide extra surface space to any room, so you can show off your favorite lamp without sacrificing space on a desk. Accent tables can fit in many smaller spaces, allowing you to add a surface for a stack of magazines or a phone without drastically rearranging the room.

Many of these tables feature storage options, such as extra shelves or drawers. Use these to keep pens, paper, and other small materials close at hand wherever you are. A coffee table with a bin storage is ideal for busy lobbies, providing ample room to store toys for children or magazines for reading.

Durable Materials
These pieces are made of sturdy materials such as solid wood, stainless steel, and laminate surfaces. Durable materials increase the lifespan of the furniture, ensure they continue to do their job, and look new even with regular use. The reduced risk of damage also makes it less likely the piece will need to be replaced, saving you money.

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