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Kitchen Storage & Organization

The key to an attractive, easy-to-use room is organization. A simple kitchen storage system creates a place for everything, making it easy to rapidly find what you need. Staples sells a wide variety of products that help users design a kitchen organization system that works.

Food Storage Options Save Space and Time
Storing food properly makes the most of kitchen space and maximizes the shelf life of each type of food. Keeping different reusable and disposable containers on hand ensures that users can meet any food storage need. Sandwich bags come in various sizes for meals, dry bulk food and snacks. Different sealing options include fold-lock tops and zipping seals. Freezer-safe sandwich bags provide a way to repackage food and save it in the freezer. Plastic wrap conforms to food of different shapes for space-efficient storage. Reusable plastic food storage is popular for leftovers and meals for work or school. Wire bins create the ideal environment for potatoes and onions.

Sort Utensils for Maximum Convenience
By sorting cooking tools appropriately, users can streamline the cooking process and spend less time looking for utensils. Utensil drawer dividers provide separate areas for forks, knives and spoons. If an office has a common area where employees gather for coffee or meals, a silverware caddy conveniently displays utensils.

Keep Frequently Used Items on Hand
A thorough organization system has a place for everything. Items you use on a daily basis should be easy to access. A coffee caddy that holds lids for disposable cups, a sugar canister, stir sticks and coffee creamer creates a place for users to mix the perfect cup of coffee every day. Hanging hooks keep mugs securely stored on a vertical surface, while stand-up cup holders provide enough space for multiple mugs.

Store Spices and Sweeteners
Spices, sweeteners and condiments are commonly used in both home and office settings. Spice jar sets keep spices together, freeing up space in cabinets. Sugar dispensers minimize the need to keep bulky canisters out in the open. A condiment set containing salt and pepper allows employees to season their lunches to their liking.

Extend Life of Bulk Items
When storing bulk items, it's important to choose an organization system that keeps food safe and dry until you use it. Canisters for flour, sugar and other baking materials establish an appealing storage system. Canisters come in many materials, including plastic, glass and ceramic. Pourable plastic canisters work well with foods like cereal, chips, oatmeal and candy. They generally have an opening in the lid that lets users get a single serving of food without completely removing the top. Some models dispense single servings through a bottom opening.

Organize Cabinets and Drawer Space
Kitchen storage items utilize every bit of space in the kitchen. Shelving systems make full use of vertical space. Over-the-door baskets and shelves create space inside cabinets and pantries. Sliding racks let users quickly retrieve items stored in the back of a cabinet. Overhead pot and pan racks keep cookware immediately accessible for easy meal preparation. With these and other kitchen storage tools, users can personalize any kitchen space and make it more useful.
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