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Sponges & Cleaning Brushes

The right cleaning products and tools make short work of household tasks, and sponges from popular brands including Scotch-Brite, Mr. Clean, Rubbermaid and OXO Good Grips, are available at Staples. Use these products in the kitchen to clean dishes and flatware, scrub tile and porcelain in the bathroom or remove stains from walls, doors or furniture in any room.

A Cleaning Tool for Every Room
Scrubbers, sponges and brushes come in many different styles, making it easy to find the right product for any cleaning task. In the kitchen, use sturdy brushes to remove cooked-on food from pots and pans, or choose softer scrubbers to clean countertops and dishes. Bathroom scrubbers and pads handle the toughest rust stain or soapy film. These products include toilet brushes with long handles and storage caddies and smaller scrubbers that reach into corners and crevices around plumbing fixtures in baths and sinks. Traditional scrub brushes are ideal for use on bathroom and kitchen floors or hard surfaces anywhere in the home or office.

Living rooms, offices and conference areas get dirty too, and micro-scrubber pads are an excellent way to clean dried-on spills from tables and desks or remove scuff marks from walls or baseboards. These items work with plain water, making them a convenient cleaning option for any room.

Scrub Sponges and Brushes Offer Cleaning Flexibility
Every surface is different, and scrubbers and pads use unique materials to handle any job without damaging finishes. Extra-tough scouring pads are ideal for metal surfaces, while products with nylon scrubbers protect non-stick finishes from scratches. Traditional sponges are soft enough to use on delicate crystal and painted finishes.

Scrubbers with swappable pad types let you choose the right cleaning solution for the task at hand, and select products use disposable pads pre-loaded with a cleanser that you can throw away when they're soiled. Some kitchen brushes include built-in soap dispensers, making it easy to clean a few dishes without filling the sink. Specialized tools such as grout and bottle brushes or grill pads handle unique cleaning challenges.

Supplies for Large or Small Jobs
Whether you're stocking a small apartment or a large office, there's a cleaning supply purchase option to meet your needs. Individually packaged brushes and scrubbers make it simple to buy for a dorm room or small apartment. Many items also come in bulk packs that may reduce per-item costs and ensure supplies are on hand when needed.

While many of these products have a practical look that matches the tasks they perform, some add a touch of fun to washing up. Many brushes come in finishes that match any room's decor, and scrubber pads with bright patterns and designs bring color to the kitchen or bathroom countertop. Select items are also eco-friendly. They're made from renewable plant based fibers or recycled materials.

Washing dishes and scrubbing floors and counters are regular household chores, and the right products let you power through these tasks quickly and easily. Explore the cleaning brushes and pads available at Staples and handle any cleaning job.
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