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Elbow & Knee Pads

Knee and elbow pads are typically filled with a foam or gel substance that reduces impact. This can mean the difference between a bruise or broken skin in an accident. Some modern pads combine foam and gel for even greater protection.

Sit Comfortably Longer
Knee and elbow pads help you remain in position longer when working in awkward positions. This includes when you're adjusting fittings under a sink or spending time working on a vehicle.

Decrease Injury from Lifting
Some items have to be installed or mounted at just the right angle. Angular levels can help with this. Those who need additional support for heavy lifting or sitting for long periods should check out back supports.

Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries
Even when weight isn't a factor, the repetition of certain movements can lead to strains and injuries. Pads and supports help reduce instances of repetitive injuries.
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