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Odor Eliminator

Get rid of unpleasant scents with odor eliminator sprays. Enzymatic formulas neutralize the scent molecules instead of just covering them up with a powerful fragrance. Rely on odor eliminators to keep rooms smelling fresh and create a comfortable environment for patients, staff, and guests.

Powerful Performance
Eliminate the scents of urine, blood, and damaged tissue with odor eliminators that tackle the problem at the source. Odor eliminator sprays use enzymes to actively eliminate odor molecules so the scent doesn't return after the smell of the spray wears off. Odor eliminators that are safe to use on bedding, upholstery, skin, and clothing make it easy to keep your living space or hospital room smelling great despite ongoing medical issues.

Effective Delivery
Spray bottles are an effective delivery system for powerful odor-eliminating formulas because they spread the prepared liquid evenly across a room, leaving no film on furniture after being sprayed, and they don't require separate applicators or tools to use. Small bottles of odor eliminator are easy to carry in a bag or purse, and push-pump mechanisms are simple for elderly or arthritic hands to operate. Buy in bulk packs, and leave a bottle in each room at your nursing home or medical clinic so patients can treat their own rooms when preparing for guests.

Pleasant Scent
Odor-eliminator sprays that sport a fresh scent help make treated rooms seem even more pleasant. Look for light aromas that invoke calm thoughts to keep patients and guests feeling serene. Give your room even more appeal by using air fresheners and deodorizers or aroma stones to add different fragrances to the area.

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