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Accent Desks

Make the most out of small office spaces with these compact accent desks. These desks feature simple designs and do not clutter up rooms like full-size desks. Accent desks are ideal for workers with few office supplies who just need a work surface, and the basic designs are versatile.

These accent desks are ideal for areas with minimal space, since they typically take up little room. The compact design also allows you to mix and match with multiple other furniture pieces to create a personalized office space, so you feel at home throughout the workday.

Many of these accent desks feature one or two drawers for storage. This allows you to keep essential materials on hand without the bulk of numerous drawers and shelves. Limited storage encourages you to reduce your materials and clutter, making it easier to find exactly what you need quickly and without hassle.

Sitting Height
Use a sitting-height desk with your favorite accent chair for a comfortable, relaxing work environment. This traditional height pairs well with nearly any chair, giving you the chance to get off your feet on long days. Sitting desks are a comfortable, classic option for your business that most people are comfortable using.

Standing Height
Standing height desks encourage you to stand and move around more often during your workday. Increase blood flow through your legs, and practice your standing posture while you get work done. Use one in conjunction with a sitting desk for the perfect combination of relaxation and activity as you work to stay healthy and alert throughout the week.

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