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Cream, Sugar & Sweeteners

Rich and Flavorful - Complement your cup of coffee or tea with delectable add-ons from a wide selection of flavorful cream, sugar, and sweeteners. Creamers give your drink a rich, thick texture that is soothing to the palate and tongue. Sweeteners, however, add the final zest, which makes drinking a true delight.

Sweet and Savory
Sweeteners are a must in coffee if you want to make your drink a tasty treat. Get cane sugar for a classic taste, or opt for natural sweeteners such as those made from the leaves of Stevia for a healthier drink. Great for early mornings or breaks in the afternoon, sweet coffee refreshes the mind and energizes the body to make the day more productive.

Rich and Creamy
Whether classic or with a dash of caramel, creamers give a distinct shape to your cup of coffee or tea. Every sip touches your tongue with a unique texture that you can't find from any other. With optional flavors including chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, and cinnamon, your cup of coffee is no longer just a drink but more of a yummy break from your busy lifestyle.

Wide Selection
Sugars, creamers and sweeteners come from a myriad of choices. Sweeteners are packed in sachets  for easy serving, while others are in canisters so you have the absolute freedom to choose how many servings you would like for your brew. There are also low-calorie sweeteners if you mind how many calories you should take in a day. Creamers come in liquid or solid form; dairy for milk lovers or non-dairy for lactose intolerant; and regular for the usual drink or with other flavors to add a different twist to a classic treat.


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