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Blenders & Food Processors

Bring choice to your personal kitchen or professional break room with these blenders and food processors. You can use these to create fresh dishes for lunch or breaks even without a full kitchen or microwave. These take up little space, so you don't have to sacrifice counter or storage space.

Take Creations on the Go
Use blenders to create tasty smoothies, sauces, and soups. Many of these blender options include travel cups that attach to the base then easily detach. With these, you can take your snack or meal with you back to your desk instead of dirtying another dish, saving you time and reducing waste. These blenders feature multiple settings to give you precise control.

Pair With Other Kitchen Appliances
Food processors are a perfect pairing for other kitchen appliances, such as microwaves and stoves. These chop or slice materials instead of creating a smooth blend, making them perfect for salsa or preparing vegetables for a salad. Keep a food processor handy to quickly and efficiently process large amounts of foods for recipes. Food processors typically have a larger capacity than blenders, so they are a good option for making bulk recipes.

Save Space
When space is very limited, opt instead for a hand mixer. These mixers take up no counter space and can be stored in a drawer or cabinet along with other small kitchen items, such as silverware. Hand mixers give you more control when mixing because you can put the end of the mixer exactly where it needs to be. This lets you target specific areas of your mixture that need more mixing or blending.

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