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Ostomy & Urostomy Pouches

Cleanly and efficiently collect waste using ostomy and urostomy pouches. Designed to make managing urine and bowel movements easier, these bags are lightweight, flexible, and customizable to individual needs. They're ideal for use in home, nursing, or traditional medical care environments.

Customizes to Suit Your Needs
Several brands of ostomy and urostomy pouches feature cut-to-fit designs that let you customize the bag's opening to fit the size of the stoma. These types of pouches are a good option for irregularly sized stoma or use in facilities such as hospitals that service a large variety of patients. You can also save time by using pre-cut pouches, which a good option when caring for a single patient or those with similar stoma sizes.

Simplifies the Collection and Disposal of Body Waste
Some ostomy and urostomy pouches are drainable, so you can reuse them and maximize patient comfort by cutting down on the frequency of bag changes. Other brands have closed-ends for one-time use, which helps maintain good hygiene and are a great option for special occasions, during intimacy, or for ensuring the highest level of sanitation. Most bags are transparent, letting you visually confirm whether or not they need to be changed or emptied.

Maximizes Patient Comfort
Most of these pouches feature one-sided comfort panels designed to minimize irritation by protecting the skin from waste matter. Several brands of ostomy and urostomy pouches are also latex-free, so patients and medical staff with latex allergies can safely use them without fear of an adverse reaction. Use in conjunction with drainage and leg bags to ease the burden of managing urine and fecal matter.

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