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Backroom Storage

Backroom storage helps you make the most of your available backroom space. Add shelves and racks to more easily store your overstocked goods and prepare for upcoming sales or events. Merchandisers and trays ensure your stored goods are easy to identify and move to the sales floor.

Simple Organization
The addition of backroom storage makes it easier to organize your excess inventory. Stack similar items together on shelves or in racks to ensure your employees can easily replenish stock as items sell. Many merchandisers and racks let you easily see everything inside without having to move product around.

Easier Inventory Tracking
Monthly inventory checks and annual tax inventory counts can take quite a bit of time. Using a solid backroom storage solution that combines totes and overhead storage with a system of organization can dramatically reduce the amount of time required as well as associated labor costs. To help further simplify the process of tracking inventory in your store or backroom, use quality retail inventory tags.

Use Vertical Space
Shelves and racks allow you to use more than just the floor of the backroom for space, giving you the ability to place goods in stacks that allow quick access. Hanging shelves and hooks can also provide plenty of room for clothing or similar items while still maximizing your available space.

Protect Stored Goods
Merchandisers and trays protect your stored goods until they are ready to go out for sale. These backroom storage solutions keep dust from accumulating on stored merchandise and protect items from accidental bumps or breakage, ensuring your merchandise looks great when you are ready to move it to the sales floor.


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