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Oximeters let you check the oxygen saturation level of patients' blood without sending samples off for testing. Easy to use, oximeters are suitable for all ages and types of patients. You can even send the testing meters home with your patients or use one in your own home.

Easy to Use
An oximeter is so easy to use that your patients can use the devices themselves. One touch operation lets you slip the device onto a patient's finger, press the button, and get results quickly. Many models feature a lanyard attached to the oximeter, which lets you easily carry it around with you when meeting with patients.

Safe for All Patients
Oximeters are safe and suitable for patients of all ages and body sizes. As the devices come in a one-size-fits-all option, you can use the oximeter on a child of a younger age or an adult patient without carrying around multiple sizes or different tools. Use blood-pressure monitors and other testing devices to look for signs of other problems in your patients.

Instant Results
Get data regarding oxygen saturation levels and other blood levels in just a few seconds. With a bright LED display or another well-lit display, oximeters give you all the information that you need quickly and easily.

Battery Power
With oximeters, you always know exactly when you need to replace the batteries throughout your busy day. A warning indicator light on the unit automatically turns itself on or begin flashing when the batteries are low, letting you replace the batteries to see more patients in your office.

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