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Oxygen Masks

Keep oxygen masks on hand to make quick delivery of oxygen treatments more convenient. Durable vinyl masks fit over the mouth and nose to ensure adequate gas delivery from the tank to the patient's lungs. Stock up on masks in adult and pediatric sizes and stay prepared to treat patients of all ages.

Efficient Performance
Oxygen masks tightly cover both the mouth and nose of the patient, so oxygen coming down the medical tubing line doesn't escape out the sides or get breathed out before reaching the patient's lungs. Masks that come in kits with tubing ensure that you always have an available line to attach between the mask and the tank. Disposable masks eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and are an economical solution for facilities with lots of patients.

Comfortable Fit
Vinyl oxygen masks are designed with comfort in mind, so patients need not worry about chafing or pinching during oxygen delivery. Masks with wide chin sections, which are created to fit underneath a patient's natural chin, can accommodate a wide range of face sizes and shapes, while adjustable nose clips make it easy to adapt the top portion to the patient's face. Adult and pediatric versions are designed for use with specific patient groups.

Easy Monitoring
Transparent oxygen masks let you monitor patient progress during long oxygen therapy sessions in a hospital room or outpatient clinic, which helps prevent potential problems caused by inadequate or excessive oxygen levels. Dials on the oxygen tank also help you monitor the delivery of oxygen, making it essential to ensure that dials are placed facing forward when tanks are placed on a cart or installed in portable oxygen bags attached to wheelchairs.

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