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Tarps & Plastic Sheeting

Use tarps and plastic sheeting to cover and protect almost anything. Polyethylene tarps by Anchor are heavyweight and can protect valuable equipment from exposure to the elements. Clear Poly-Cover plastic sheets come in a roll and can be used to protect office machines from dirt and dust.

Multiple Uses
Tarps and plastic sheeting can be used for a variety of purposes, from covering up vulnerable items to protecting the floor while you're painting the walls. Keeping a supply on hand ensures you have a solution available when you need to leave a project in an unfinished state. Duct tape or rope can be used to secure the tarp.

Convenient Protection
Tarps are sun and fade resistant, making them perfect covers for anything you keep outdoors for an extended length of time. If you have a piece of outdoor equipment that you only use seasonally, a tarp can protect it until you plan to use it again.

Reusable and Long-Lasting
Made from woven laminated polyethylene, tarps are designed to be reusable and long lasting. Use disposable plastic sheeting when you want to cover an item temporarily, such as when you're moving equipment from one office to another.
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