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The PS3 is a Sony home video game console that succeeds the PlayStation 2 and competes with the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Following its initial release in 2007, Sony released a slimmer and more power-efficient model in 2009 and an even slimmer version in 2012. All versions of the console run the same proprietary software and can play video games designed for this generation of PlayStation consoles.

An All-Round Entertainment Console
To ensure that the PlayStation 3 delivers a consistently impressive gaming performance, Sony equipped it with fast and powerful hardware. The console has a custom microprocessor with a clock speed of 3.2GHz as well as two 256MB RAM modules. Its GPU is a powerful NVIDIA graphics card with a rated speed of 550MHz. The Sony device also has an upgradable 2.5-inch hard drive with capacities ranging up to 500GB. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet. Lastly, the console sports a Blu-ray disc drive that can also play DVDs and CDs. This feature makes the PlayStation ideal for watching movies and listening to music.

Besides games and movies stored on discs, it also plays downloadable content bought from the PlayStation Store. Furthermore, the home entertainment device can stream content from popular online services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video.

A Rich Selection of Immersive Games
While PC gamers need to keep updating their gaming rigs to keep up with the demands of new video games, Sony guarantees that all the titles developed for its third PlayStation console will play on the device. Video game developers can easily leverage its powerful hardware to build impressive simulations that run consistently while gamers never have to worry about compatibility issues between the PlayStation and the games made for it.

Every video game console needs a compelling library of games to be successful, and the PlayStation boasts thousands of such titles. PS3 games are available in a variety of formats. Games include options from small indie studios and big ones responsible for franchise titles like EA Sports. While Sony publishes a few, most of the titles for the consoles are from third-party game developers and publishers. To make this console even more compelling, Sony offers some games that are exclusive to its PlayStation platform. The most prominent examples are the Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy titles.

Accessorizing Your PS3
Sony includes a DualShock 3 wireless controller with each third-generation PlayStation console. It is ergonomic and has pressure and motion sensors that improve its accuracy. The console also works with the DualShock 4 gamepad. Besides these controllers, there are also official wired and wireless headphones for PlayStation gamers. Other optional official accessories for this console include the PlayStation Move, a wand-like motion-sensing controller and the PlayStation Eye, a webcam.

There are also lots of specialty controllers from third-party gaming accessory manufacturers like Logitech. These include wheels for racing games and guitar controllers for rhythm games. Other essential accessories for the PlayStation 3 include charging stands, wireless keypads, battery packs and battery charger kits.


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