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PlayStation 4 incorporates advanced technologies to bring an intuitive gaming experience to casual and avid players alike. It pairs with multiple accessories for immersive playing and comes with a wide array of games to satisfy everyone, whether they like action, drama, strategy or sports. Shop Staples to find the games, accessories and consoles to get started playing today.

Embark on a Fun Journey with the PlayStation 4 Console
The PS4 console comes with a single controller and a headset for immediate use. It comes with an 8-core AMD processor to handle complex games with a dedicated GPU to improve graphic output. Starting at 8GB GDDR5 RAM, users can easily multitask between games and other applications. The console works with HDMI and analog ports, and it comes with a built-in hard drive for storing game progress, movies, music and picture files. Those looking to purchase can also find the console in a bundled package that comes with special games and equipment, centered on a specific theme.

Choose from a Wide Selection of PS4 Games
Shoppers will find a wide variety of games to choose from, in several genres. First-person shooter games bring an element of drama to the screen with options such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. Sports games let users create their own fantasy teams and strive towards the championship in games from the NHL, NFL and FIFA. Musical options, like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, transform players into rock stars whether they're playing guitar, banging on the drums or belting out vocals.

Enhance the Playing Experience with Accessories
To increase the fun and versatility of games, PlayStation and third parties have created a wide array of compatible accessories. Special controllers incorporate features like vibration feedback that vibrates the entire remote during specific actions, and a capacitive touchpad that gives you more precision during certain operations. Most remotes come with a wireless design, giving users more room to move while playing. Limited edition controllers let users become part of an elite few, buying special designs that pair with certain game series.

A headset lets you enjoy the game in private, with many featuring high-quality drivers in the speakers to make it seem as though you're in the middle of the action. Choose models with a built-in microphone to communicate with others during live play sessions. Those who like to enjoy marathon gaming sessions will find protective glasses that help reduce the risk of eye strain from constant screen exposure. The PlayStation camera tracks head and hand movements with wide angle lenses and face recognition software. Users can engage it automatically by stepping in front of it, and enjoy interactive gameplay with compatible games.

Entertain the Entire Family with Streaming Services
One of the added benefits of the PS4 is that it gives users the ability to bypass other services and stream directly from the console. With PlayStation Vue, you can eliminate cable services and instead opt to watch more than 100 channels including Cartoon Network, AMC, ESPN and USA. PlayStation Now is excellent for those who want to access streaming games, and PlayStation Video grants access to new releases the same day as the DVD release. Stream Spotify songs while playing games and have full control over the background sounds with the ability to change it at will, without interrupting the game-playing experience.


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