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Packing List Envelopes

Use packing list envelopes to ensure clients and customers know what's inside packages as they arrive. Select clear face envelopes made from durable materials to provide an unobstructed view of contents. Choose full face envelopes to protect sensitive data during the shipping process.

Easy to Attach

Discover packing list envelopes with adhesive backing that securely sticks to your package. This easy attachment makes adding a packing list to boxes simple and convenient. Simply pull off the backing, and place the envelope in an easy-to-see location to ensure accountability once your package reaches its destination.

Variety of Sizes

Select packing list envelopes in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of each package that leaves your shipping and receiving center. Smaller envelopes work best on small consumer-oriented packages, while larger envelopes work well for facilities using shipping boxes with a large number of diverse items inside. A wide array of envelope thicknesses ensures you can choose envelopes based on the durability desired.

Highly Visible Reminders

Choose packing list envelopes in bright colors to draw attention to the list once it arrives at its destination. Packing list envelopes in colors such as orange, yellow, and red help catch the eye of employees at receiving facilities. Your own employees are also given a vibrant reminder, so they'll notice if a box isn't labeled before it leaves your shipping center.

Multipack Convenience

Save money by purchasing bulk packages of packing list envelopes when restocking your supply closet. These envelopes often come in cases containing 500 or 1,000 units, giving you an ample amount to have on hand during busy retail seasons.

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