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Packing List Envelopes

Packing lists provide a simple method for recipients to see exactly what is included in every shipment. Packing list envelopes keep shipping lists safe and prominent, making sure the information isn't lost in transit or tossed out with padding materials inside the package after opening. Staples® carries a variety of options that meet the needs of most businesses.

Choosing Packing Envelopes for Different Shipments
Envelopes for packing lists come in a variety of colors that ensure the contents are noticeable. Red, orange, and yellow strips draw the eye, or users can choose colors that match their company logo for a cohesive look on all packages. Consider products with full-face colors for an eye-catching look that makes sure senders and receivers know whether the list in enclosed. Options that let users insert folded lists work well for small packages, while large envelopes increase visibility on shipping boxes containing multiple items. Envelopes with clear faces let receiving staff see which departments need the contents with a single glance. Full-face designs keep the lists private until opened, protecting valuable shipments. Choose envelopes in shapes that let users display letterhead and other identifying information entirely, without requiring special folding and insertion methods.

Durability Considerations for Packing Envelopes
Both clear packing envelopes and full-face options come in varying thicknesses that let users choose the options that work for their needs. Lightweight envelopes feature windows that resist ripping and tearing during transit. Thicker envelopes protect the contents during global shipments, ensuring information remains legible upon receipt. Consider medium-weight products for businesses that ship both locally and globally for budget friendly options that don't require keeping stocks of multiple envelopes.

How Do Packing Lists Affix to Boxes?
Packing list envelopes feature an adhesive coating or strips for a secure hold. Users simply remove the backing and stick it to the packages, and the adhesive keeps the envelope in place throughout the shipping process. These options also provide security by keeping the contents inside until the envelope is removed, making it simple to notice tampering upon arrival at the destination.

Are There Packing List Envelopes That Offer Enhanced Durability?
There are envelopes with thick, plastic faces that resist rips and tears. Consider all-plastic or poly options that protect the contents from exposure to water and wetness, ensuring the pages inside are legible after shipping. Consider envelopes made with heavy-weight stock for full-face options that keep the contents secure and safe.

What Are the Size Options for Packing Envelopes?
Envelopes in 4.5 x 5.5-inch sizes let users fold shipping lists for small packages. There are options up to 10.75 x 6.75 inches, which let users display the entire list or fold the sheet to show specific information for the recipient.

Are There Different Print Options for Packing List Envelopes?
There are products with a colored line across the top that displays the words packaging list enclosed. Other options have colored front faces with those words taking up the entire space, ensuring the receiving department notices it. Consider units with no printing or colors for displaying company information and letterheads.
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Staples Packing List Envelopes, Yellow Panel Face, "Packing List Enclosed"
Item : SS1084746
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  • Available Dimensions: (4 1/2" x 6"), (5 1/2" x 10"), and (7" x 6")
  • Yellow Panel Face, "Packing List Enclosed"
  • Panel face, colored Packing List Envelopes are pre-printed with "Packing List Enclosed" on heavy 2 mil poly
As low as $45.99
Multiple options available
Staples Packing List Envelopes, Red Panel Face, "Packing List Enclosed"
Item : SS1084756
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  • Available Dimensions: (4 1/2" x 6") and (5 1/2" x 10")
  • Red Panel Face, "Packing List Enclosed"
  • Panel face, colored Packing List Envelopes are pre-printed with "Packing List Enclosed" on heavy 2 mil poly
As low as $45.99
Multiple options available
Duck® Full Face Packing List Envelopes
Item : SS985547
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  • Available in opaque full-face or panel print design
  • Adhesive backing sticks securely to your shipments
  • Waterproof poly material protects packing lists and invoices
As low as $23.69
Multiple options available