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Paint Rollers

Paint rollers and covers come in multiple sizes so that you can get the coverage you need quickly and efficiently. They are useful for applying primer or paint on interior or exterior walls. Linzer, Rol-Rite, and Rubberset all provide paint rollers and covers you can use no matter the size of your job.

Easy to Handle
Rollers with plastic grips ensure you can comfortably hold them for hours while painting. The covers are simple to get on and off, making both setup and cleanup simple.

Full Paint Coverage
Choose from 3-, 4-, or 9-inch widths to effectively cover the surface you are painting. Pair paint rollers and covers with a paintbrush to handle detail work and tight corners.

Paint Any Surface
Paint covers come in a variety of nap lengths to suit different surfaces. Choose a short nap length of 1/4 inch to handle smooth surfaces and longer nap lengths for rougher walls or ceilings.
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