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Clips & Fasteners

Reduce clutter and restore order to your office with these handy clips and fasteners. Each one is designed to keep your papers and memorabilia together, so you can find the right documents in seconds. Select the right fasteners from trusted brands such as ACCO and OIC.

Flexible Holding Power
These clips and fasteners are designed with varying strengths, so you can select the one that best meets your needs. Hold a few sheets of paper together with standard paper clips or choose sturdy binder clips for a more secure and long-lasting hold. Bind thick stacks of paper on a semi-permanent basis with heavy-duty prong fasteners. If you need clips on an occasional basis, choose an assorted pack that contains different sizes.

Convenient Supply
Many clips come in large, industrial-sized packs, so you can stock your office supply cabinet quickly. Choose paper clip packs that are divided into multiple colors to add a helpful level of coding to your personal system of organizing. Keep your fasteners within arm's reach with a convenient desktop organizer.

Sturdy Design
Most of these clips and fasteners are made from sturdy metal or plastic that stays intact even after heavy use. Many options are designed with tight springs that hold fast when jostled or strained, so your papers stay firmly in place. Make your clips do double duty by choosing models that are made with heavy-duty magnets and can hold stacks of paper on a refrigerator or filing cabinet.

Easy Operation
When you handle numerous documents each day, comfort is key. Most clips are designed for quick, easy operation, so you can move on to the next task in seconds. Choose fasteners with soft-touch grips to prevent slipping. For easy tacking, select push pins with wide, rounded heads.


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