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Paper Pads & Packs

Create unique crafts with paper pads and packs of decorative craft paper. Paper from American Crafts and Echo Park Paper provides plenty of designs to mix and match into borders and backgrounds.

Durable Card Stock
Paper pads and packs of durable card stock provide a heavy, durable base for creating your own cards and invitations. Print directly on a sheet of card stock, fold it into a fun paper craft, or cut a piece to use in a scrapbook. With value packs of card stock, you get a wide variety of colors and images in a single pack, so coming up with unique, creative combinations is simple.

Decorative Papers
Decorative papers add a personalized element to paper crafts, memory books, and homemade cards. Seasonal colors and textured surfaces set the tone for each page of your scrapbook, and detailed printed designs indicate an interest in anything from cartoon characters to classical music. Patterned paper pads and packs of sheets with stripes, dots, or repeating motifs provide pages you can use as a border or background accent that adds extra visual interest to your piece, while metallic papers give your invitations a festive look.

Handy Notebooks
Hardcover notebooks give you a convenient place to jot down ideas or sketch out design concepts before committing to a project, while paper pads and packs of drawing paper provide sketch-ready paper that works well with everything from graphite pencils to charcoal sticks. Keep a selection of notebooks and pads in your office, at home, and in your vehicle so you're always ready to sketch out an idea no matter where you are.

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