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Staples offers a large range of multi-color fluorescent highlighters from major manufacturers to emphasize important instructions or passages in text. They include traditional tank-style highlighters and pen-style stick highlighters as well as retractable and erasable highlighters. Some of the best highlighter markers also contribute profits to charity or are environmentally friendly.

The Basics of Staples Highlighters
Staples highlighters are available in two general types of styles. The traditional tank-style highlighter is a stout or streamlined cylinder with a thick chiseled felt tip that can be used to mark or underline text. The other type of highlighter is the stick style that has a narrow cylinder and looks and operates much like a standard pen. Its felt tip is chiseled or pointed, and it is best for underlining text. Staples offers the best highlighter markers of both types from such names as Bic, Sharpie, HI-LITER, Pilot and Dri-Mark. Staples also has its own line of high-quality highlighters.

Both type of highlighters come in various shades of quick-drying, smear-resistant and bleed-proof fluorescent inks so that different lines of text can be color-coded. Colors include traditional pink, yellow, blue, green and orange, but also coral, berry, indigo and violet. Staples offers all the best highlighter markers in a variety of package sizes, from individual to bulk, but many come in a dozen per pack, in either assorted colors or a single color.

Liquid Highlighters and Other Styles
Staples offers several unique highlighters. Some lines of liquid highlighters contain pigmented ink that has a thinner consistency than traditional highlighter ink. The ink flows more smoothly on paper and is much bolder in color. Many of these liquid highlighters have see-through barrels so that the reservoir supply can be checked easily.

Other unique lines include streamlined retractable highlighters shaped like pens and with pocket clips. Staples also offers several erasable highlighters containing special ink that can be removed by rubbing it. Some highlighters have blade-style tips that provide three different highlighting widths in one pen. Other highlighters have clear-view tip shafts that indicate the supply of ink still available.

The fluorescent inks of highlighters always make a bold statement, whatever their use, and they bring attention to important lines of text without covering any of it up. Highlighters from Staples are available in all styles and colors to fit every need you might have. Use them to connect important ideas in a body of text for study purposes or to draw attention to a specific paragraph in a presentation. Staples provides the best highlighter markers from the most well known manufacturers.
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