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Highlighters are useful tools in homes, offices and schools. These pens help readers easily reference important information, mark passages of text needing revision and color-code items for improved organization. Staples carries an extensive selection of liquid highlighters and other writing supplies from trusted brands such as Sharpie, Avery and BIC to serve the needs of every student, business professional and writer.

Choose From Many Styles of Quality Highlighters
There are several styles of highlighting pens to suit a range of consumer needs. Traditional tank-style pens feature large chiseled tips that cover a wide area of text. Stick-style pens function much like standard writing tools with a finer tip for precise underlines and marking of small print. Retractable pens are handy while you're traveling, and some are manufactured with safety seals to keep ink from drying out while preventing leakage.

Many pens come with comfort grips to make long stretches of editing and citation marking more comfortable. Some conveniently offer double-sided tips for flexible use with a variety of materials and text sizes. Select pen models also feature refillable ink tanks so favorite writing tools never have to be replaced. Professional editors, full-time students and office managers find stocking up in bulk quantities ensures essential supplies never run out.

Different Types of Inks Handle a Variety of Tasks
When selecting the right highlighter for the job, ink style is an important factor. There are a few types available, each with their own benefits. Traditional dye-based inks absorb deeply into paper, making them an excellent option for working with thicker textbook pages, poster board and glossy paper.

Liquid highlighters feature pigment-based ink for improved color retention that dries quickly while reducing smears, bleed-through and fading. This style of pen is ideal for marking matte pages, paperback books and manuscripts.

Some specialty pens feature erasable ink or film that gently rubs away for temporary document marking and error correction. Other specially formulated pens include models that highlight handwritten materials and printed pages without blurs and smudges.

Color Highlighters: Which Do You Choose?
In terms of color, many pens feature fluorescent ink so key details stand out as readers quickly review documents and research materials. The standard neon yellow is often the preferred choice, offering a stark contrast against black-and-white pages. Additionally, the light yellow color resists shadowing when photocopying or faxing, so documents always read cleanly.

Users looking for a rainbow of colors appreciate multipacks of pens that offer the most choice for art projects, color-coding tasks and creative expression. Those who prefer a subtler splash of color may want to opt for mildly tinted and pastel tones that are easier on the eyes.

Are Highlighters Nontoxic?
Most major brands of pens are certified nontoxic for safe use by all ages. Many companies clearly list health and safety information on their products and packaging so consumers can purchase items with confidence.

What Kind of Highlighter Works Well on Thin Paper?
When working with delicate, thin pages, water-based inks are a smart choice. Gel highlighters are ideal for marking passages as they dry quickly without bleeding through the paper. Fine-tip models also work nicely for highlighting densely printed text.

Does Highlighter Ink Glow in the Dark?
Fluorescent ink doesn't glow on its own, but the pigment does react under UV light, creating a bold, glowing effect. This feature makes fluorescent pens a popular choice for creating party posters and temporarily marking surfaces so they stand out under a black light.
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