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To give projects a colorful and finished look, choose the best marker brands from Staples. Brands such as Sharpie, BIC and Expo offer a specific type of marker for every use. Some are made to write on fabric or paper, while others work best on nonporous surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic. Those that are low odor with nontoxic ingredients are popular choices for all users, no matter what surface is involved. Dry erase markers are used on erasable calendars and whiteboards, while wet erase markers work on plastic overhead projector sheets. Washable markers are a smart choice for kids' crafts. For a teacher who writes on the whiteboard all day, markers with a comfortable textured grip could be a lifesaver. Find the right markers for business, home or school use at Staples, including permanent, washable and dry erase markers.

Business Markers Make Projects Pop
When shopping for new office supplies, just about every type of vertical and business requires a set of markers for reporting, brainstorming, recording notes, and other standard activities or events. 

For paper flip charts that pop and persuade, a set of colorful permanent markers with thick bullet tips that don't squeak work well. The best marker brands use low-odor ingredients that are appreciated by audiences when conference rooms call for close quarters and closed doors. Business users who are likely to carry sets in a shirt pocket appreciate retractable designs that don't leak and are sealed to prevent drying out. Industrial users want a set that will write on varnished surfaces and resist chemical washes, high heat and cold temperatures and that don't fade in the presence of sunlight. Window markers with thick tips are bold enough for writing sale prices on glass windows and come in a variety of colors, including white. Dry erase markers work well for calendars and sales scoreboards.

Smart Markers Go to School
Consider fun, safety and cleanup when perusing the best marker brands for kids. Crayola offers a rainbow of colors that are nontoxic and washable. Fabric markers can turn a plain T-shirt or set of sneakers into a work of art, and shirts signed by the whole class can be washed without fading.

Multiple Markers Work Hard at Home
Parents still rely on black permanent markers to label storage boxes, lunch bags, clothing, yard sale signs and important notes to everyone about everything. They can find sharp point markers specially made to label DVDs and smaller items without smearing. For craft projects, a variety of colors and textures, including metallic silver and gold, provide custom flair. Points come in all thicknesses and include calligraphy points for the truly gifted crafter. Paint markers are oil based and work just like brush paints on canvas, wood, stone or pottery.

To make a business, home or school project more colorful and memorable, look for the best marker brands at Staples. Any project will be destined for success with the right set of markers.
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