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Whether you’re working out a complex problem on a white board or preparing for a poster presentation, it’s important to have the best colored markers for every type of project. At Staples, we carry a wide array of marker types in all shapes and sizes to meet every need, including dry erase markers, permanent markers, wet erase markers, window markers and more.

  • Make a long-lasting mark on a wide range of surfaces: Try a permanent marker, available in many different colors and various tips for everything from the most precise writing to the most difficult of materials.
  • The best marker brands: Sharpie, Bic and Expo.
  • Go green: AP certified non-toxic and many allergy-free colored markers in stock.
  • Solve a problem, brainstorm solutions or track a calendar: Try dry erase markers, kits and accessories, or use our wet erase markers to wow the audience of your next presentation.
Staples has all the writing supplies you'll need for note-taking, presentations, thank you notes; anything that involves making your mark on paper. We have a warehouse of tools for a warehouse of projects.
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