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With personal organizers and refills, you can efficiently keep track of meetings, appointments, luncheons, and other business activities. Manage your time with a daily planner on your desk calendar that gives you space for jotting down lists and notes, and keep a portable FranklinCovey organizer and agenda in your briefcase for scheduling your time when you're away from your desk.

Organize Your Time with Efficiency
Personal organizers and refills allow you to organize your time with efficiency and avoid overreaching yourself. Since you can quickly see at a glance whether you have something scheduled, you can move newer commitments to a different time slot. Mark your monthly calendar for an important meeting, conference, or trade show, and set aside time for your weekly hair appointment or trip to the mall.

Multi-function Organizers
Many organizers available for the busy professional include accessories that help you stay organized in addition to pages for appointment making. Choose personal organizers that hold business cards for your contacts, notepads for making fast lists and notes, and zip pouches for toting along other items. With a multi-function organizer, you can just grab the organizer and go—everything you need can be packed inside.

Save Money with Refills
Organizer refills can keep your personal organizer useful for years to come. Stock up on organizer refills when you run low, or add calendar pages for the coming year with ease.
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