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Personal Safety

Use personal safety equipment to protect employees in potentially dangerous work areas. Gloves keep your hands safe from burns, cuts, and other injuries, and ear muffs and earplugs prevent noise from damaging your hearing. Protect your eyes with safety goggles and hard hats with face shields.

Protect Eyes and Ears
Choose ear muffs with ventilated headbands for comfort, opting for models that connects you to AM/FM radio while protecting your ears from the noise of the workplace. Choose earplugs for less cumbersome and easily disposable options, with many coming on a safety cord for convenience. Select safety glasses or goggles with durable lenses and safety straps, and round out your eye protection with eye washes designed to flush any harmful irritants or chemicals out of the eye immediately.

Face and Head Safety
Personal safety products such as hard hats come in several styles to help you find the right fit for yourself and your employees. Choose from options that include full 360-degree brims, lamps, and adjustable headbands. Face shields protect against airborne debris and chemicals and come in a variety of thicknesses and shades. Many face shields fit securely over eyeglasses, goggles, or respirators for added convenience and safety.

Hand and Body Protection
Choose work clothing made of moisture-wicking fabrics for long days at a hot job, or opt for a cooling vest to get you through a heated environment. Toe-warmers and thermal clothing items keep you warm when working in the cold. Protect your hands from injury of all sorts with work gloves that offer high dexterity and heat-resistance. Make lifting and transporting jobs easier with a wide variety of material handling gear and accessories designed to make your work day safer and more productive.


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