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Pillows & Elevators

Pillows and elevators provide an effective method to provide you the support you need. Whether you are cuddled on the couch, watching your favorite movie on TV, or in the middle of an all-night work session, pillows and elevators deliver exceptional support and comfort.

Supports the Body
With the perfect pillow or elevator you can find the right support to alleviate stress on the body. Whether you prefer to prop your knees up while you sleep or add lumbar support behind your while you sit at your desk, you can find the exact device to help reduce fatigue and strain while you are at work or relaxing at home.

Provides Comfort
Choose one of the plump cervical roll pillows to keep your neck at ease while you rest, or try one of the soft body pillows, which adds comfort to your slumber. Pillows and elevators keep your body cozy by allowing you to control the level of firmness or plush support where you need it most. To keep the pillows clean and sanitary, you can couple them with a pillowcase that makes cleanup quick and easy.

Durable Construction
With a durable construction from each of the pillows and elevators, you can expect long-lasting function with normal daily use. Whether constructed from lush cotton and polyester or high-density polyurethane foam, these products have a lasting design for dependability. Heavy-duty straps and buckles also keep supports in place, so you won't have to worry about sliding and chafing while you are required to move around at your desk or while sleeping.

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