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Storage Drawers

Reduce clutter with storage drawers. These drawers can hold your supplies whether you're a manicurist or an artist, and they can also keep papers exactly where you can find them. Locking steel storage drawers add security to your business and ensure that only the right people can access your stock.

Store Files and Papers
Choose from a huge range of storage drawers to keep your documents and files safe. Rather than using a weighty filing cabinet, use storage drawers as a more mobile option that's great if you have to keep transferring files. Many storage drawers are translucent or transparent so that you can see exactly how much you've got stored away, making them ideal for offices that regularly need uncluttered.

Security First
Steel storage drawers make it easy to safely store your items or product as they're hard to break into. Choose locking drawers for maximum security for your jewelry or valuable items. It's also possible to concrete in steel storage drawers so that people cannot simply lift the whole lot up and run. Alternatively, they can be used as mailboxes for apartment complexes.

Some storage drawers are ideal for stacking on top of each other so that you can expand your storage drawer system as and when required or even select only the drawer that you need to take to the meeting. Other storage systems include drawers of different sizes so that you can easily choose the right size drawer for your items. Some systems even include drawers that can be used as trash cans or for recycling so that you don't have to worry about a separate receptacle for waste.

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