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Oilers & Sprayers

Use heavy-duty oilers and sprayers to target all kinds of industrial jobs, from the smallest to the toughest. Choose from a range of capacity volumes and spout length, depending on what best suits your requirements. Target a variety of jobs by taking advantage of flexible spouts.

Durable and Dependable
Constructed out of steel, many oilers and sprayers are made to last. In addition, durable finishes, whether epoxy or powder-coated copper bronze, reduce rust accumulation. High-pressure pumps cast in zinc along with zinc-plated top caps take the quality and reliability of this equipment to the next level.

Meeting Every Need
Highly flexible oilers and sprayers can be used for the full range of industrial jobs. A variety of capacity volumes ensure all jobs are taken care of, from the smallest to the biggest, while flexible spouts with detachable tips can be adjusted for awkward, hard-to-get-to places. Enjoy even more choice with spouts of different lengths and types.

All the Necessary Extras
Enjoy high-quality, reliable equipment with oilers and sprayers featuring everything you need to complete tough industrial jobs. Some essential offers include flexible spouts with detachable tips threaded with closure caps, high-pressure pumps, precision-ground pistons, and multipurpose nozzles. After finding satisfaction with your oiler or sprayer, use a range of lubricants and penetrants to target other tough jobs.

No Nonsense
When you're busy with tough, labor-intensive jobs or working underneath heavy machinery, oilers and sprayers that are convenient to operate speed up the job. Choose oilers with wide bases for stability to reduce the chance of it tipping over, helping you avoid time-consuming cleanups.

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