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Pliers are ideal for almost any job, and they're simple to use. Varying types are available, so you'll be able to use the tool best for the job, whether it's a long pair of needle-nose pliers or a pair of solid joint pliers. Made with strong metal, these durable tools are great for any toolkit.

Simple Design
Make sure you have flashlights to help you see into tight spaces, so you'll have what you need to make sure you form the right wires with pliers. Pliers come in many shapes and lengths, so you'll find a pair that suits the job.

Varied Styles
Pliers come in many styles, like needle-nose, long-nose, and solid joint. Each type has a different function that will help you with your work.

Well-Known Brands
Brands like Cooper Hand Tools, Klein Tools, and VISE-GRIP know the importance of strong and durable tools. Choose from a variety of pliers to make your job easier.
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Lisle Vacuum & Fuel Hose Removal Pliers
Item : WYF078275407940 / Model : LI47900
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