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Posters & Charts

Curriculum, Motivation, AchievementMake your classroom a welcoming environment with colorful posters that teach, entertain, and inspire. Let kids see their progress when you post achievement charts, and encourage them to treat one another well with motivational posters. Pick up poster-making supplies to spark their creativity.

Classroom Curriculum Posters
Every classroom needs a big map of the United States and a large visual calendar to help the students get oriented. Help the little ones learn their letters, numbers, cursive writing and printing, multiplication tables, manners, days and months, and the solar system with beautifully designed graphics. For older students, post descriptions of plagiarism, chemical elements and concepts, earth science basics, and ancient civilizations.

Classroom Motivational Posters
Encourage students to introduce themselves at the start of a new school year with fill-in-the-blank posters that let them tell everyone what makes them tick. Post welcome messages for the first day of school or parents' night, remind students of specific responsibilities, or just proclaim the joy of learning with colorful posters. Add some extra bulletin boards and signs to make sure you have room for all the inspiring messages you want to convey. For teachers who prefer a more traditional method, they can buy large chalkboard sizes for students and teachers to write on. 

Achievement Charts
Let kids have their special day thanks to your birthday charts, or give them a chance to point out when they've lost a tooth. Assignment charts with plenty of room for stickers and stars let young students keep track of what work they still have to do and where they stand in the class. Display their awards and art on easels and flip charts.

Poster-Making Supplies
Stock up on poster board, press-on letters, stickers, staplers, and magnets to make your own posters and charts, or hand the materials to your students to inspire their creativity. Use grid-ruled tablets to help students design their own charts.

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