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Pocket Folders

The large assortment of pocket folders in your choice of colors allows you to choose the ideal form for your presentation material. Impress potential clients with folders that neatly hold documents, CDs, and business cards. For material that is handled by many persons, use sturdy plastic folders.

Paper pocket folders come in a variety of options, allowing you to choose what is best suited for your project, presentation, or school task. Choose from single-colored 10-packs to present uniformity when handing out project information or reports, or select packs with assorted colors to separate material by categories. Tri-fold pocket folders offer an extra pocket to insert extra material or to separate material by topic. Make sure your material is properly identified by adding labels to individual pockets. When you need the material front and center and in easy reach, use folders with angled front pockets closed on both sides and at the bottom.

Plastic pocket folders are ideal for storing material intact for longer periods. Store photographs or documents that need long-term protection from tearing or moisture damage. These folders are also ideal for materials that will be handled by many individuals or that will be circulated during outside projects. Colored or clear plastic pocket folders make the best choice for schoolwork, keeping handouts and syllabi from courses secure throughout the semester or year.

Mini pocket folders are perfect for keeping your receipts in order for your accountant. Choose different colors to categorize your receipts according to account or tax purposes. These smaller folders take up less space and serve very well for ordering smaller items such as photographs, loose notes, or precious mementos.
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