Porelon PR-40 Black Calculator Ink Roller (11202)

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  • Model: 11202/PR40
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Porelon PR-40 Black Calculator Ink Roller (11202)
Product Details
  • Black
  • Compatible with Canon P21DX,Casio 101ER, 115ER, 116ER, PCR250, PCR260, 800ER, EC118ER, FR90, 95, 101, 101C and more
  • Print technology: Calculator; cash register/POS device
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Calculator Accessory Type Ink Rollers

Compatible Printers

For use with:
Canon CalculatorsP 1 DH, P 1 DH V, P 1 DH V2, P 10 DH, P 11 DH, P 21 DX, P 40 D II, P 40 D II-2
Casio CalculatorsFR 101, FR 1015, FR 101C, FR 105S, FR 107, FR 1215, FR 1215S, FR 121S, FR 122, FR 2550, FR 510, FR 90, FR 95, HP 100T, HR 100, HR 100A, HR 100S, HR 121, HR 15, HR 150L, HR 150LA, HR 150LB, HR 16, HR 200, HR 5, HR 7, HR 8, HR 8B, HR 8L, HR 8L Plus, HR 8LGY, HR 8TE, HR 8TE Plus, HR 8TM Plus
Casio POS and Cash Registers101 ER, 110 CR, 115 ER, 116 ER, 120 CR, 130 CR, 140 CR, 150 CR, 160 CR, 800 ER, EC 116 ER
Epson POS and Cash RegistersM31, M42, M42 III, M45
Facit CalculatorsC225, C2260, C2262, C230
Hermes Calculators4001
Ibico Calculators1006, 1207, 1210
NCR POS and Cash RegistersMA-156
Olivetti CalculatorsIR-40, Logos 91, Logos 92
Royal Calculators107 PD, 125, 20 PD, 214 PD, 550 HD, 6600 HD, 6800 HD, 90 PD, 920 PD, Ezvue 550 HD, Ezvue 6800 HD
Royal POS and Cash Registers100 nx, 110 cx, 110 dx, 115 cx, 115 nx, 120 cx, 120 nt, 120 nx, 125 nt, 125 nx, 130 cx, 215 nt, 215 nx, 225 cx, 325 cx, 425 cx, 435 dx, CMS-118, CMS-118 Plus, CMS-120, CMS-120 Plus, CMS-125, CMS-125 Plus, CMS-200, CMS-215, CMS-215 Plus, CMS-25, ER-125
Sanyo POS and Cash Registers105, 115, 290, ECR 105, ECR 115, ECR 138, ECR 290, LX 3553
Sharp CalculatorsEL-1192B, EL-1192D, EL-1192H, EL-1192S, EL-1601, EL-1601H, EL-1601S, EL-1601T, EL-1615, EL-1625H, EL-1628, EL-1801L, EL-2617
Sharp POS and Cash RegistersXE-A101, XE-A102, XE-A106, XE-A110, XE-A115, XE-A120, XE-A130
Staples Brand CalculatorsSPL-P100
TEC POS and Cash RegistersMA 156, MA 55
Texas Instruments CalculatorsTI-5015, TI-5024, TI-5027, TI-5027 II, TI-5029, TI-5029 A, TI-5029 II, TI-5030, TI-5030 II, TI-5032 SV, TI-5033 II, TI-5033 SV, TI-5034, TI-5034 SV
Uniwells POS and Cash RegistersU 100, U 118, U 128
Victor Calculators1205, 1205-2, 1205-3, 1208, 1220, 1220-2, 1225, 1242, PD 1242