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Post Hole Diggers

Post hole diggers will ensure you create the perfect-sized hole for your fence, mailbox, or flowers. These diggers feature steel blades that make breaking through the dirt an easier process. This easy-to-use device is just what you need to dig holes on your construction or work site.

Strong Steel Blades
When you need to dig the perfect hole, the strong, steel blade on these post hole diggers is just right. Perfect for building a strong foundation for your fence or mailbox, these diggers feature the kind of blade that will cut through the dirt with ease, making them a fine alternative to a shovel.

Long Handle Provides Durability
When you need a bit more strength from your post hole digger, find one with a longer handle. There are some that offer a 48-inch handle that will give you the stability and core strength needed to dig the perfect hole.

Digging Below the Frost Line
Many post hole diggers allow you to create a hole deep enough to go beneath the frost line. With many building codes requiring the foundation to be under the frost line, these diggers will not only keep you within the law but also help prevent any damage to your property due to freezing temperatures.
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