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Post-it® Pop-Up Dispensers

Post-it pop-up dispensers allow you to keep adhesive note pads at the ready for convenient access. The handy dispensers keep notes from becoming loose during regular use. Pop-up dispensers provide a single sheet at a time for quick and easy availability.

Easy Access
Post-it pop-up dispensers allow you to quickly grab and compose a note to stick on almost any surface. The easy access of the dispenser helps keep notepads in order and prevents dust or dirt from easily getting into the adhesives on each note. Many dispensers feature open areas that allow you to compose your note before removing the sheet from the pad.

Whimsical Designs
Many pop-up dispensers feature whimsical designs that mimic fruit, sports gear and a variety of other cute and fun items. These can help bring a sense of levity to a work space or teaching environment. To bring the same sense to your communications and notes for others, check out novelty Post-it notes.

Simple Refill
Post-it pop-up dispensers feature open-topped designs or sliding lids that make it even easier to refill your pad as needed. This simple refill process keeps your fingers away from sticky adhesives and takes only seconds, so you always have a full set of adhesive notes on hand when you need them.

Customizable Options
Some pop-up dispensers also include customizable options that allow you to change the appearance of the dispenser whenever you want. Insert photos of family and pets, or add your company's logo or a business card to show your professionalism. The customizable options make it easy to create just the right look for your desk.
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