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Post-it® / Stickies™ Flags & Tabs

Quickly and easily locate important information in documents, books and papers with Post-it flags and tabs. They make it simple to clearly mark work and direct readers to certain passages by placing them on select pages. They're available in a wide range of sizes and colors, so it's easy to find an option that fits every individual's personal taste and preference. Pull tabs and flags fast from compatible dispensers. Staples carries a wide selection of Post-it products, providing tons of options to fit all of your work and studying needs.

Bookmark Select Pages and Passages of Books and Paperwork with Post-it Flags
Make studying and sharing information with others simple with flags and tabs from Post-it. These handy adhesives stick to paperwork, providing a colorful reminder of where key details and figures are located. Use multiple colors to create a personalized coding system to mark certain kinds of information, or use arrow-shaped flags to point readers directly to a particular paragraph, line or table. Options with preprinted words such as "sign here" make it clear exactly what's on the page highlighted by that tab. Post-its provide an easy way to reference materials later or guide clients and colleagues through important documents without skipping any important steps.

Write Mini Notes on Post-it Tabs for Easy Reference
Keep documents neatly organized with helpful tabs from Post-it. Their generous size provides plenty of space to write on them with pens, pencils or markers to create custom information guides for binders, folders, paperwork, legal filings and more. Preprinted options featuring days of the week, months or other recognizable key phrases offer an easy way to reference materials both for your own use and when sharing information with others. Some feature an angled design, making them ideal for labeling hanging file folders with tabs that are easy to see from above. Since they're manufactured from durable materials, it's easy to write on them without fear of damaging the adhesive. Add notes and suggestions without actually writing on the document with lined tabs, which help keep papers clean for others to read.

They Remain in Place until It's Time to Remove Them
Post-its feature an adhesive backing, allowing them to stick to nearly any surface. That same sticky strip maintains its adhesiveness while being repositioned, making it simple to adjust them for more visibility or to draw attention to another section of the page. That strong hold keeps flags and tabs securely in place until it's time to move them.

Dispensers Make It Simple to Quickly Access Post-it Tabs and Flags
Quickly and easily grab flags or tabs to bookmark materials for later referencing with a compatible dispenser. Many stickies come prepackaged in slim, lightweight models that pop the next Post-it up each time you remove one. Some dispensers also keep tabs and flags organized so they are easy to find in bags and briefcases or office supply drawers. Stay organized with speed and efficiency with the help of a range of colorful Post-it products and dispensers designed with practicality in mind.
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Post-it® 2-3/4" x 3-3/8" Assorted Color Durable Note-Taking Tabs
Item : SS1063185
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  • Tab size: 2-3/4" x 3-3/8", 10 tabs per pack
  • Available in pink, aqua or yellow
  • Oversize note tabs provide room for notations, lists of tasks or folder content
As low as $4.79
Multiple options available
Redi-Tag® Printable Laser Index Tabs, Self-Stick Plastic, 15 Sheets
Item : SS2268326
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  • Flag size: 1-1/4" x 1-1/8"; 120 flags
  • Available in assorted colors and white
  • Sturdy plastic self-adhesive tabs attach to any page
As low as $31.89
Multiple options available
Post-it® 3" Durable Filing Tabs
Item : SS1063179
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  • Tab size: 1-1/2"L x 3"W
  • Available in assorted primary colors and white
  • Easy to write on and simple to remove and reposition
As low as $7.39
Multiple options available
Redi-Tag® Preprinted Number Tabs
Item : SS2268497
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  • Flag size: 1" x 7/16"
  • White
  • Preprinted #1-10 and 11-20 tabs
As low as $2.99
Multiple options available
Redi-Tag® Laser and Inkjet Printable Index Tabs, White, , 80/Pack (33171)
Item : 875585 / Model : 33171
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  • Create permanent professional-quality indexes with sturdy plastic self-adhesive tabs.
  • 2 x 7/8 tab size.
  • Package Includes: 80 tabs.
3M Post-it® Pop-up eXtra Large Notes, Canary Yellow, 3" x 5", 1/Pk
Item : 511998 / Model : R350YW
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  • Single pack of 3" x 5" post-it notes
  • Canary yellow is simple and smart
  • Notes pop-up one at a time making it easy to have one-handed dispensing at your desk
Post-it® Neon Page Markers with Pop-Up Dispenser, 375 Flags/Pack
Item : 420873 / Model : 688AST2
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  • Color: Assorted (bright blue, bright pink, bright purple, bright teal, bright yellow)
  • Size: 3/8" x 1 7/10"
  • Allow you to mark, tab, highlight and color-code large documents, textbooks or personal planners
375 Flags/Pack
Post-it® Assorted Flags, Each
Item : 451836 / Model : 686-44LPLP-OTG
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  • Tab size:2" lined alternating pink and lime with 1" solid alternating pink and lime
  • Sticks securely, removes cleanly
  • Durable, Writable, Repositionable
44 Tabs/Pack
Post-it® Mobile Attach and Go Assorted Tabs, 40 Tabs/Pack
Item : 935909 / Model : PM-TABS1
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  • 5/8" Tabs in Orange, Lime, Bright Pink, and 1" Flags in Blue. 10 of each color, 40 in total
  • Can be written on to edit, label or jot notes
  • Tab pages and sections in notebooks binder and planners for quick reference
40 Tabs/Pack
Post-it® Mobile Attach and Go Tab Dispenser, 24 Tabs/Pack
Item : 957558 / Model : PM-TABS2
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  • Tab size: 1" lined alternating pink and lime with 5/8" solid alternating pink and lime
  • Sticks securely, removes cleanly
  • Durable, Writable, Repositionable
24 Tabs/Pack
Post-it® Super Sticky Star Notes, 3" x 3", Yellow, 150 Sheets/Pad
Item : 812596 / Model : 7350-SS-STR
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  • 1 pad of 3" x 3" post-it notes
  • Canary yellow
  • Notes hold stronger and longer than most self-adhesive notes