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Post-it® & Stickies™ Notes

The Post-it sticky note is an iconic piece of stationery with a global reach. It is a small piece of paper with a strip of glue on its back. However, the Post-it note is more than just a paper to stick on any surface. The glue securing it in place is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is also reusable. This makes it possible to easily attach, remove, transfer and repost sticky notes almost anywhere.

One use, Many Post-it Note Styles

Made by 3M, the original Post-it note came in one size and only as small yellow square papers. Post-it stickies are now available in different sizes and shapes and multiple colors. The most popular size for these is 3 x 3 inches. 3M makes them in smaller and larger squares and also in rectangle and cube shapes. The brand even offers them in sizes as big as 25 x 30 inches for those looking for more writing space.

In addition to the traditional small Post-it stickies with solid colors and plain writing areas, 3M also offers lined notes and those with grids. Other specialty Post-it stickies have unique features like patterned backgrounds, printed calendars and bullet lists.

Why use Sticky Notes?

Writing on a sticky note holds a sentimental appeal for many people. Post-it stickies are cute because they are small writing papers that can be left anywhere around the house or office. For most people, a Post-it note is just small enough to capture a thought, memory or sentiment in words. However, the benefits of these notes extend beyond aesthetics. Post-it notes help people communicate, leave reminders for themselves and others, organize their days and personalize their workspaces. They also represent a quick and easy way to present aspirations in a concise way and can serve to help divide a large, overwhelming task into smaller, manageable chunks. Overall, they are a veritable productivity tool.

Leaving Notes in More Colors and Shapes

3M keeps Post-it stickies exciting by offering them in a wide variety of bright colors. Besides its traditional yellow, you can find a sticky note in colors like green, red, pink, blue, purple, orange and gray as well as white and black. 3M sells these notes in collections with multiple Post-it pads in different colors. It names these collections after popular cities like New York and Marseille as well as tourist destinations like Bora Bora, Bali and Marrakesh. Each collection bears Post-it stickies in a unique mix of colors meant to reflect the destination it celebrates. Novelty shapes such as stars, hearts, sunglasses and paw prints are also available.

Going Stickier with Post-It Super Sticky

While the usual Post-it note has a strip of glue that is reusable on smooth surfaces, 3M uses an even stickier adhesive to make a better set of Post-it notes. Called Super Sticky, these notes have a stronger glue that makes them adhere better to any surface, including non-smooth and vertical surfaces. A Post-it Super Sticky note is ideal for those who wish their stickies to adhere to surfaces for longer. These improved notes also come in various colors and shapes as well as lined and printed notes.


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