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Post-it® & Stickies™ Notes

Never forget an important call or deadline when you use these Post-it and Stickies notes to track your urgent tasks. Use the removable notes to leave reminders on office equipment and paperwork without causing damage. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors that are appropriate for any task.

Handy Reminders
Whether it's a lunch date or an important upcoming deadline, these eye-catching Post-it and Stickies notes are an easy way to leave your coworkers a reminder. Add a note to your phone to remind you to join a conference call, or place one on your computer monitor as a hint to take care of a pending task as soon as you get to work the next day.

Efficient Communication
Using Post-it and Stickies notes to leave comments on a report allows you to communicate with a coworker without altering or damaging the original document. Adhere a note to indicate where an individual needs to sign a document so that business goes on when you are away.

Multiple Sizes and Styles
Keep a variety of sizes on hand so that you have the appropriate note for each task. Small notes are an easy way to mark the pages of a report or catalog, and large notes provide ample space for detailed comments. Lined notes keep your communications easy to read, and super-sticky notes adhere securely to most surfaces. Grab pop-up notes with one hand when you add the refillable pads to a Post-it pop-up dispenser.

Color Coding
A rainbow of bright colors, jewel tones, and pastels lets you color-code your projects. Choose a particular color to mark the files of an individual client, or designate colors for various activities or priorities.
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