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Power Strips & Adapters

Make your electrical devices safer to use with power strips from name brands such as GE and Belkin. Extension cords extend limited outlet space to give you power when you need and where you need it. Control your electrical devices with outlet timers that let you turn devices off while away.

Extension Cords
Extension cords work well at home and at work to connect printers, televisions, and computers. Cord covers keep the extension cords flat on the ground to eliminate tripping hazards. Extension cords come in various sizes giving you an array of options for your extension cord needs. Many cords are made of flexible materials that allow you to quickly wrap it up and take it with you wherever you need to go. 

Power Strips
Power strips increase the usage of an outlet by giving extra outlets to power important devices in your space. Power strips with surge protection protect you and your devices from injury. Power strips come in compact or extended configurations that can fit to your needs. Many strips have GFCI plugs, which reduce shock hazards and can be used in humid or wet locations. Save space with a cordless power strip that gives you the outlets you need without the hassle of a cord being tangled up.

Outlet Timers
Set your lights on a schedule with an easy-to-use outlet timer that comes in mechanical or digital form. Use an outlet timer to program your office devices to be on and running before you arrive to increase your productivity. Outlet timers are programmable to the minute to avoid unnecessary power usage while you are away.
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