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Power Supplies

Get more out of your computer when you hook up the right power supplies. Designed for offices that rely heavily on multiple computers, a simple supply can reduce the risk of brownouts and other common problems. Some even come with multiple plugs that let you connect more than one computer.

Prevents Overloading
A power supply keeps your computer from overloading the system, causing a brownout or similar problem. These supplies can have an input and output voltage even higher than the voltage required by high-performing computers, ensuring they meet your needs.

Reduces Short Circuits
Stop short circuits and accidents caused by others at the office or kids and pets at home. Computer power supplies have indicator lights that alert you to problems and inform you when your machine is close to short circuiting. This way, you can take immediate action to resolve problems before they cause lasting damage.

Multiple Bays and Connectors
Connect multiple computers to make working at the office easier. With multiple bays, ports, and connectors located on the back, each computer power supply gives you enough room to plug in and power multiple systems, giving you plenty of power outlets even in smaller workspaces.

Stop your home or work computer from overheating when you run two or more programs at the same time. Power supplies feature ventilation slots on the back that keep air flowing, helping prevent overheating. When you combine them with tower computer cases that also feature ventilation ports or slots, you can stop worrying about your computer getting too hot and shutting itself down, resulting in lost work and productivity.

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