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Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapter kits let you set up a home or office network anywhere you have a power outlet. Powerline ethernet & network adapter kits transmit signals through the electrical system of your building, eliminating the need for an additional home or office telephone line. Powerline networking is great for businesses and private buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Internet Access
Powerline adapter kits give you unfettered access to the Internet throughout your office building or house. Wired versions known as powerline Ethernet adapters let you interface with the adapter using an Ethernet or similar cable for a secure connection that's not subject to interference from local airwaves. Wireless versions, called powerline network adapters, extend your network across a wide area without the need for additional cables or wires. With multiple powerline networking options, there is sure to be one that closely fits your needs.

Simple Installation and Repair
Powerline networking kits fit neatly into the existing power outlets in your building. This simple installation process makes setup easy, regardless of your networking knowledge or skill. If your business has a skilled electrician or networking expert, that professional can use to easily confirm suitability and perform maintenance.

Multiple Users
Powerline adapters let multiple concurrent users use the Internet or a local intranet simultaneously, enhancing productivity by allowing simultaneous access without interference. Many versions have specific limits for the number of users able to access the network through a combination of either wired or wireless connections at one time. The many different powerline networking kits and adapters available let you choose the right fit for the size of your business and the expected number of concurrent users.

Powerline network & Ethernet adapters are a creative, effective and simple way to expand your internet connectivity using existing electrical equipment in your home or office. Computer networking projects like powerline adapter kits, wireless display (WIDI) adapters and streaming media players can all be found at Staples and will enhance your ability to wirelessly access the internet as powerfully as you choose.  Browse our selection today!
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TRENDnet® TPL-406E2K 500 AV Powerline Nano Adapter Kit
Item: IM1PR4471 / Model : TPL-406E2K
  • Powerline adapter speed: Up to 500Mbps
  • Powerline adapter ports: 1 x RJ45
  • Dimensions: 1.69"(H) x 1.97"(W) x 2.76"(L)
TRENDnet TPL-408E 600 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet HomePlug AV2 Network Adapter
Item: 1019618 / Model : TPL408E
  • Connector type: 1 x RJ-45
  • Maximum data transfer rate: 600 Mbps
  • Power consumption: 3.9 W (active), 0.4 W (standby)
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TRENDnet TPL-410AP 300 Mbps Powerline HomePlug AV Wireless Access Point
Item: 1019586 / Model : TPL410AP
  • Connector type: 2 x RJ-45
  • Maximum data transfer rate: 300 Mbps
  • Power consumption: 8 W active mode
TRENDnet TPL-408E2K 600 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet HomePlug AV2 Network Adapter Kit
Item: 1019617 / Model : TPL408E2K
  • Connector type: 1 x RJ-45
  • Maximum data transfer rate: 600 Mbps
  • Power consumption: 3.9 W (active), 0.4 W (standby)