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Premier Audio

Use sound to set the mood at the office. Play music wirelessly with Bluetooth speakers to energize customers, or create office tranquility with noise-cancelling headphones and microphone headsets to streamline workflow. Premier audio equipment from top brands ensure the highest quality sound.

Headphones for Quiet Tranquility
In busy offices where concentration is key, create silence with high-quality headphones. Over-the-ear and in-the-ear headphones let staff listen to energizing music or watch work-related video without disturbing co-workers. These top-of-the-line models block out sound with features such as battery-powered noise-cancellation or acoustically sealed earpads, reducing noisy disturbances and improving work performance. Other models include Bluetooth technology so staff can wear headphones on the go.

Wireless Music to Set the Mood
Help customers and clients get into the groove by playing music wirelessly, and skip the hassle of installing speakers. Bluetooth speakers sync to your computer or smart phone, playing tunes straight from your digital library without any need for speaker wire or an electrical outlet. Some models also offer a 3.5-millimeter jack to connect to devices without Bluetooth via an audio cable, so staff can play favorite music from older iPods or phones. The speakers run on rechargeable batteries and are compact enough to fit into tight spaces, such as on the receptionist's desk, and light enough to easily move from the conference room to the warehouse.

Turn Your Computer Into a Call Center
Help your team go seamlessly from quarterly reports to conference calls with microphone-equipped headphones. The high-performance headphones let users make phone calls by connecting to computers through any USB port or to cell phones via a mini-phone jack. Some models have Bluetooth capability to let staff take calls on the go, a great feature for receptionists juggling multiple tasks. The headphones have the added bonus of eliminating the constant ringing of phones, making for a more peaceful office.

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