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Pricing & Tagging Guns

Pricing and tagging guns provide a quick way to apply retail price tags to a wide selection of products. Use these versatile tools to eliminate confusion over item prices and make the checkout process easier for customers and employees. Many modern guns are much faster than manually tagging.

Quick Application
Pricing and tagging guns allow for fast application of self-adhesive tags. Employees simply input the price and press a button to apply tags to hundreds or thousands of inventory items. This greatly reduces the time needed to bring an entire store's retail selection up to date with the most recent pricing.

Easy to Read
High-quality pricing guns deliver easy-to-read tags that do not easily smear or fade over time. Clear, crisp text stands out on labels, catching the attention of customers and making it easier for employees to read labels during inventory and price checks. For items on sale or clearance, consider using specialized pricing tags in various colors and sizes to grab customers' attention.

Ergonomic Design
The gun-style design of many pricing devices allows them to be used comfortably for quite some time. Single-trigger operation reduces stress and strain on the hands and wrist, and many devices feature padded nonslip grips for added comfort. Enhanced ergonomics can increase productivity and allow employees to accomplish more during their work day.

Fast Reloading
Modern pricing and tagging guns can be reloaded quickly as they run out of labels or ink. The fast-reload mechanism allows workers to quickly swap out cartridges and spools, reducing downtime for replacements. Reduced downtime results in greater efficiency and can also cut down on labor costs.
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