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Printers & Accessories

Printers are the building block for all of your business and home sharing needs. The right machine lets you create hard copy documentation of everything from meeting notes to invitations. Find printers and accessories from HP , Epson , Canon, and Brother, among others, to print precisely and keep up with your high-volume demands.

Networking Capabilities
Choose a printer that allows you to share it with others in your office or your home. Wireless networking capabilities give you the freedom to use one printer with multiple computers, eliminating the expense of having to purchase separate printers. These printers offer convenience for offices with as little as two employees on up to 15 or more. Send your documents or charts over the network to your main office printer, and grab them up as you arrive for your meeting. If you're looking for the perfect home printer that multitasks, select a USB-enabled machine to handle smaller print jobs.

Handle High Volume
Depending upon the needs of your office, you can find printers that efficiently deliver up to 50 pages per minute, making a quick job of mass-mailer advertisements or other high-volume workloads. Select a printer that collates, and your job is practically done with the push of the print button—many printers even staple your documents.

Black or Color Output
Choose a printer with black-ink output or vary your communication and record-keeping selections with a color-ink printer that can print in both. Many of these printers easily handle both, and most can be used with various weights and sizes of printer paper. Expand your options with a printer that can print everything from standard 8.5 x 11-inch documents to legal presentations, posters, and larger.


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