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Turn Tables & DJ Equipment

Get the Best Sound PossibleWhen you're ready to shock and awe the crowd with music, turntables and DJ equipment ensure you have everything you need to deliver a great experience. Select turntables for scratching and customizing your tunes. Choose bigger amps for bigger sounds, and get the volume you need to raise the roof.

Complete Customization
The best DJs create mashups and mixes that show off their mixing ability. Selecting tunes that complement each other is equally as vital. Professional equipment that allows you to merge songs with each other, whether high-quality turntables or high-level mixing equipment, gives your clients a sound they'll never forget. Those who regularly cater for events at clubs, bars, and event halls may prefer a permanent installation, but those who need to travel need something more lightweight.

Ultimate Decks
When you have traditional vinyl, you need a great turntable, but most turntables are digital with USB interfaces. These digital turntables let you scratch your digital files without ever seeing the traditional black LP, and higher-end ones provide better accuracy. Dual turntables let you mix, scratch and manipulate two tracks at once, which is ideal if you're playing a complex mix. Don't forget a pair of reliable headphones when you're ready to work.

Choose the Biggest Sound
Speakers deliver powerful sounds to your clients and customers, so it's essential you have the right combination. For small gigs, two general speakers might be enough, but for larger venues, dozens of speakers may be needed to throw the sound far enough. Some speakers come with both subwoofers and tweeters for an all-in-one solution, whereas other speakers come as just one or the other.

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