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Projectors & Accessories

Staples carries a large assortment of Projectors and Projector Accessories to ensure we carry the right solution for you. Here are a couple of things to consider when purchasing your new Projector.

Choose the Right Projector Brand: We carry a wide variety of Projector brands from Epson, 3M, Qumi, NEC, Optoma, Viewsonic and many more.

Choose the Right Projector: Consider the Following

        Projector Display technologies: Choose between a 3LCD projector, LCD projector, LED projector and DLP projector which are slightly different. Each has their own strengths - brightness contrast, image quality, footprint, power efficiency, and ease of use features. 

        Projector Brightness: This is by far the most important feature, so it’s important to understand that there are two brightness measurements: Color Brightness (color light output) and White Brightness (white light output). Brilliant image quality requires high Color Brightness because it measures the brightness of colors in a projected image, not just the brightness of white.

Choose the Right Projector Screen: Portable projection screens Make your presentations mobile with portable projector screens and motorized projector screens that go where you go. A range of screen sizes and screen types Choose from portable, mounted, pull down, motorized, tripod and tabletop screens to fit the dimensions and requirements your presentation room requires. Solutions for interactive presentations Write directly onto your presentation with one of our whiteboard projector screens and make that information really pop

Choose either Wall or Ceiling Projector Mount: Will you be attaching the projector to a wall or a ceiling? With some wall mounts the projector height can be adjusted. Ceiling mounts are ideal when room space is limited.Mounting a projector on the ceiling also reduces heat and noise near the conference table.

Choose the Right Projector Accessories: Choose the best products for your projector. Choose between a great laser pointer, wireless adapters, remotes and speakers. Staples carries a wide range of projector accessories to help you succeed in the presentation room.


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