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Projectors & Accessories

Create exciting visual presentations and show them off using projectors and accessories. Select 3LCD or LCD projectors to provide exceptional brightness and contrast. Portable projectors allow you to quickly move from room to room as needed.

Extend Your Viewing Area
Projectors and accessories make it easy to convey ideas to your audience whether you're in a business meeting or the classroom. Choose projector screens with stands when you need to move from place to place with ease. Select pull-down projector screens that mount securely for rooms specified for viewing films or presentations. Screens come in a wide range of brightness and feature a variety of frames to suit your space; discover screens from under 50 inches to over 140 inches.

Draw Attention to Key Information
Projectors and accessories provide an excellent way to ensure your audience grasps key information. Use remote controls designed to work with your projector of choice and laptop or desktop computer to aid the flow of your presentation, reducing distractions for your audience. Laser pointers allow you to draw attention to key pieces of information you wish to share without having to cross the room.

Simple and Easy to Maintain
Easily maintain your projector and accessories using easy-to-install parts. Choose bulbs and replacement lamps designed to make your projector as bright as it was the day you got it, and select transparency and copy film for overlays you wish to share with your audience. Projector mounts let you stabilize your investment, reducing the risk of accidents that damage equipment. Use a carrying case specifically made for your projector when you're taking a presentation on the road.


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