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Ratchets make it easy to tighten screws and bolts without the need for excessive arm strength. The one-directional locking action gives you the upper hand when you have a bolt that won't budge. Proto, Armstrong Tools, Blackhawk, and other quality manufacturers offer a variety of ratchets to meet the needs of any job.

Easy to Use
Ratchets feature an easy-to-use reverse-switch mechanism that is thumb operated, so you can turn the ratchet even if you're in an awkward position. The socket remains locked in place until it is released with a flick of your thumb.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Made with high-quality steel, ratchets are designed for heavy-duty, long-term use. These tools feature a surface area that is large enough to disperse torque, so you don't have to worry about snapping the tool in half when you use it to release stubborn fasteners.

Versatile Options
Ratchets come in a variety of lengths and drive sizes, so you can find the right tool for your project. Variable swing arcs mean that there is a ratchet that will work in even the tightest of spaces. Wear a pair of mechanic's gloves while you're working with your ratchet to prevent wear on your hands.
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