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Specialty Envelopes

Specialty envelopes are an excellent way to protect letters, business documents and other materials when sending them across the office or across town. You can also use them to protect and organize papers or small items such as coins, electronic parts or hobby materials. Staples carries envelopes from manufacturers such as Smead, JAM Paper, and LUX as well as store-brand products.

A Size for Any Need
Specialty products come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, from tiny 2.25 x 3.5 inch coin envelopes to legal-size plastic pouches. Disc sleeves provide compact storage for CDs or DVDs, and credit card holders guard against casual snooping. Mailing envelopes in unusual sizes such as greeting card or invitation formats are an excellent way to attract your recipient's attention, and special purpose products such as policy or tax form envelopes keep legal documents organized and secure. Use a currency envelope when giving a gift of money to ensure loose bills don't get lost, or keep medications organized using antimicrobial pill pouches.

Protection for Documents and More
Most envelopes are made from paper, which protects their contents from damage during delivery or in storage, but some products use extra-strong materials. Tyvek envelopes are weatherproof and tear proof, making them an excellent choice for mailing sensitive documents. Plastic and poly envelopes aren't suitable for postal use, but they're extremely durable, protect papers against incidental spills and have room for thicker documents. They're an excellent choice for storing and transporting office supplies and notes, and some have pre-punched holes so you can organize them with standard binders. Heavy-duty kraft paper envelopes are a cost-effective long-term storage solution that's more durable than standard envelopes, and cellophane or windowed envelopes offer a clear view of their contents.

Decorative Storage and Organization
When you need to make a bold statement, deliver your message in a colorful specialty envelope. Many of these products come in multiple colors, making it simple to find an envelope to suit any occasion, whether serious, professional or fun. Colored envelopes also offer organization options. Store arts and crafts supplies in matching envelopes and find materials quickly, or place time-critical work in a bright red envelope to ensure it receives the priority attention it needs.

Flexible Closure Options
While many envelopes have traditional gummed closures, some offer other options. Peel-and-stick seals provide the same protection as gummed envelopes with no need for moisture, while products such as disc sleeves have a simple flap that keeps contents secure while granting easy access to stored CDs. Durable plastic envelopes have the widest range of closures, which include tuck flaps, elastic bands, string and button and snaps. They let you choose the fastener that fits your storage needs.

Sending or storing documents, hobby materials or other items is simple with a specialty envelope. These products come in many colors and sizes and have features that enhance their organization capabilities. Explore the envelopes available at Staples and find a unique solution to fulfill your storage, business or mailing needs.
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