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Rope, String & Twine

Spools of string and twine help keep things together. Stay organized by wrapping bundles of like items with cotton string and tying storage boxes with color-coded jute to quickly find items when you need them. Keep multicolored packs of twine on hand for craft projects, decorating, and gift wrap.

Strong and Durable
String and twine are available in a number of different plies to meet your needs for strength and durability. Choose heavy-duty string to use outdoors in the garden when securing plants and marking rows. Select mid-range plies for fastening boxes and bundling equipment; lightweight twines are a good choice for craft projects and home decoration.

Easy to Use
Strong, low-stretch string and twine holds packages and bundles securely through temperature and humidity changes, and knots stay in place until they are taken out by hand for better security during shipping and storage. Cotton string handles easily for quick packaging. Store compact bundles of string and twine efficiently in your storage area to have on hand when you need it.

Colorful multi-packs of twine provide a range of colors for craft projects at recreation centers and in after-school programs. Keep a supply of colored twine on hand for gift wrap and decorating. Add twine accents to seasonal flower arrangements to give the office a festive atmosphere.

Renewable Materials
String and twine made of natural cotton and jute provide an environmentally friendly packaging material. Cotton and jute are renewable choices that biodegrade for easy disposal. Use cotton and jute string and twine in the garden to minimize your impact on the natural environment.

Purchase the string and twine you need to get your mailing, shipping, and other activities done, and browse our selection of boxes, cardboard mailing tubes, bubble mailers and padded envelopes to put your string and twine to great use today!

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